Kuala Lumpur Photo Diary

How can you possibly write something that has gone quite far from yesterday?
This is the moment of finding out how a (first big) travel experience four long years ago shapes and remains in my mind. Keeping a journal should’ve something I’ve done, except a few photographs I kept that paint a thousand words indeed! What remains in my memory, the most unforgetable ones that I should be uttering in one, two, three…

Long-hour bus drive! I could hardly remember how long exactly a bus drive from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, but it was around noontime upon departure and between 10:00-11:00 p.m.  upon arrival in KL. The sun could trick you as unsually back home,  the sun sets late in Malaysia. A 7:00 p.m. sky would probably look like around 5:00 p.m. There were bus stops, too,  for food and comfort. Good thing the coach’s seats allow the passengers to stretch and rest far better than an ordinary bus’. Watching and taking pictures of some views we passed by, talking with my friend, falling asleep for a moment, and watching something in the tiny T.V. in front of my seat and unintentionally annoying the Indian coach attendant/sub driver whenever the telly was not functioning, I killed the time.

It was almost midnight when we arrived. There was nothing much in the streets but a very few people and cars, buildings, and lights. My friend and I met her aunt, Ate Paz and her friend Ate Elle, our ever generous KL guide for the night. They took us to few places in a short span of time and we saw things for the first time.

I stood in front of Petronas Towers looking at it in awe. There was also Merdeka Square, which existence I never knew until then. The British architectural building with the mosque in one picture speaks a side story of Malaysia, what it is,  what it has been, and what it has become. I was told that Merdeka Square is a place like Cogon market in our hometown where bad things are most vulnerable. We wandered with an extra care like tucking our bags so well. As I write this now, I come to think about the Law of Attraction as I recall our thrilling encounters in Merdeka when one man hit a guy across the street, and then a group in scooters drove in circles around a woman as they played with their engines sound. Only to find out (after a little, short panic) it was a prank. They all sang the Happy Birthday song later on. It turned out to be a really funny experience!

A taste of India at the Kuala Lumpur Little India, we had teh tarik and roti canai for our midnight snack still a treat from our generous KL guide. It was around 2:00 a.m., we took a teksi to reach Ate Paz’ place where we met her bosses who actually allowed us to stay for the night.  A policeman stopped us on our way, searching for our passport and asking what we were doing in KL. We knew exactly what we were doing in KL and our passport was pretty much secured. Everything went just fine.

The next morning, we were all set to go back to SG. My friend took a plane while I took the long-hour bus drive again (because I didn’t book advancely). I know exactly the feeling when you do a thing alone for the first time and I also know how it feels when you made it.


Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

You’ll come to a place where the streets are not marked. Some windows are lighted but mostly they are darked. A place you could sprain both your elbow and chin! Do you dare to stay out? Do you dare to go in? How much can you lose? How much can you win?

-Dr. Seuss

2015 © From Utter Space With Peace & Love

Kuala Lumpur Photo Diary

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