Street is a very stimulating place to be; moving vehicles, moving creatures, different faces, food in the corners, signs and directions, and structures of different kinds.It’s a place in the world that allows everyone to keep moving or else we’re stuck. Then whenever we need it, we settle beside its corners, maybe catching our breaths, waiting for the next bus to come, or plainly taking a break and watching people and things pass by.

There are probably many ways to capture streets that may vary from its location, elements, the period of day and time, the emphasis and the angle or perspectives. The photo above captures an ordinary morning in a street of Osaka from a high-angle view upon passing by while on a bus. It’s a wonderful street in that sense that the photo portrays, I couldn’t find the right words to say. It may look like some virtual place flawlessly touched by digital cosmetics, but it’s real!

The busy side of the highway where cars piled-up juxtaposing the empty side of it makes it possible to portray the two moods of a street in a particular period of time. I feel a bit of tension looking at the piling cars and an ease on the other side.

If that’s how suppose a street makes you feel, then it probably makes you feel alive. Yet ironically, a lot of the world’s deaths happen in the streets. It’s definitely wild and unpredictable streets out there. So, fasten your seatbelt, drive the way you want it but know the rules and consequences and don’t forget to take that break!

*Blogging University Photo101 Day 2

P.S. This will be updated for a more recent photo that captures the theme street just within my hometown probably on a weekend when I have more time to wander. I might missed the rules, but many have been posting not on-the-day captured photos so, I assumed it is considered and fair.

2015 © From Utter Space With Peace & Love


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