Water in Good Times & Bad Times

For years water has been a friend and at times an enemy of humans. We’ve been through water in good times and bad times, haven’t we?

The photo above is an art from Karakuwa Peninsula Visitor Center in Miyagi, Iwate Prefecture  expressing the region’s tragic story associated with water. The center serves as a museum and learning avenue as part of their disaster mangement and recovery efforts.

While the photo below  was captured in Camiguin Island on a monday morning while on a boat sailing to Mantigue Island. An early fine morning in open waters like this offers a serene and relaxing hymn to a great day!

And just an execution of today’s tips on photo orientation, below are aerial views of the seaside while on a plane. Basically, vertical or horizontal, it depends on the elements you aim to include within the frame.

*Blogging University Photo101 Day 3 – Water and Orientation

2015 © From Utter Space With Peace & Love

Water in Good Times & Bad Times

9 thoughts on “Water in Good Times & Bad Times

    1. Hi, thanks for letting me know what you think about it. I really like how you came out to notice the variations of the photos. I think I stopped by your blog about home few days back, great compositon both photo and writing! Looking forward to see more of your works.


  1. ncrrosales says:

    I like how you nailed the horizontal and vertical orientations of the bay/harbor, each with it’s own subjects! Great photos!


  2. By taking a photo from two different angles we see different things. In the vertical one we can see more of the boats on the water, whereas in the horizontal one we can see more of the shoreline. Horizontal or vertical, I guess it all depends on what we want to show to advantage in the photo. Great work!


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