Solitude – When You Seek For It

There are moments when life just naturally brings solitude to us and there are moments when we actually seek for it. I thought of this place sometime, and I  wanted to go back there.  Situated in the hills of Malaybalay City in the mountains of Bukidnon, you’ll find the Monastery of Transfiguration where you will meet the Benedictine monks known for their Coffee for the Soul.

Many monks are recluse people who master the art of isolation and meditation. Thus, termed monk from the Greek word “monos,” which means “alone.” They dedicate their life in withdrawing themselves from those mundane things and focus on nourishing their soul to live a simple life or an authentic Christian life (for Christian Monasticism).

The Black Pyramid architecture in the photo above is what the monastery being known most. The monks here offer a guest house to accommodate people who want to stay for whatsoever reasons including a moment of solitude.  You may join the monks in one of their prayer sessions as they pray seven times a day. In the morning, you’ll be served with breakfast along with their specialty – the Monk’s Blend, termed as Coffee for the Soul by some, which has been a mode of economical support for the monks and the local coffee farmers.

Solitude, when you seek for it, you will find. It could be somewhere quite far or near or even within the walls of your bedroom.

*Blogging University Photo101 Day 5 – Solitude and The Rule of the Thirds

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Solitude – When You Seek For It

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