Utter Space was conceptualized by (a.k.a) Yel in early 2015. She refers Utter Space as a place where creative juices revolve and zealous to be expressed. Originally inspired by the wonders of Outer Space and the beauty of a zero gravity atmosphere floating like ideas in the mind, Utter Space is a place where ideas, thoughts and events inspired by life come from. A gift from above, Yel found a medium to express openly everything she can From Utter Space with Peace and Love.


Hello! Welcome to From Utter Space with Peace & Love

First and foremost, it’s such a great joy to parcel out this creation and everything I’ve been sharing with you in this journal. No, I am not a superstar creative thinker (I believe everyone can think and do anything creative including myself), neither my creation is.  Nevertheless, I am happy to have think and come up with this idea. I guess this is something I would be looking forward to develop its potential.

Like mentioned above, Utter Space was inspired by Outer Space. Changing the word “outer” to “utter” makes sense, since, utter could mean to express. More than anything else, it’s all about having a space to express and then hoping to inspire and be inspired. Utter Space is more of like a virtual space of thoughts and ideas. From Utter Space with Peace & Love is actually where I get to express it. I’m also excited to be inspired by everything you share from your own Utter Space and those from you encountered within your community or travels.

Thanks for visiting From Utter Space With Peace & Love! Let’s keep in touch.

 If you have questions or anything to discuss or to say, please let me know. Contact me here.

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